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Friday, August 28, 2015


In perusing the team newbie thread this month, I noticed a bit of a trend. Feathers. Feathers are everywhere, it seems. In an old fashioned looking writing instrument...

New Custom BALL POINT Quill Pen Feather iNK Pen STEAMPUNK
BALL POINT Quill Pen Feather iNK Pen by Saber Shores

...a pendant...

Peacock Feather Adjustable Boho, Hippie, Native, Southwestern, Necklace with Amazonite Gemstone Heishi and Arrow Charm on Leather Lace
Peacock Feather Charm on Leather Lace by Sparkles-a-lot2

...or a boho headband.

natural, taupe, cream, edm, colorful, feather, feathers, feather headband, Feather hair comb, bridal hair comb, feather extension, feather
feather extension by enchanted headwear

But one doesn't need an actual feather to be in on the trend. Feather-looking earrings work just as well.

Sterling Silver and Copper Double Leaf Earrings by Texturz

Or a little feather addition to your gifts.

Feather Gift Tags and Hand Tags
Feather Gift Tags by Handy Grams

But feathers are a great embellishment elsewhere. Like on bottles.

Adorned Bottle   Feathers Birds and Pearls
Adorned Bottle Feathers Birds and Pearls by suchandsortaltered

And, of course, you can't talk about feathers without remembering the dreamcatchers.

Wild Turkey Dreamcatcher, Native American inspired large Apricot leather and wild turkey feathers purple beads
Wild Turkey Dreamcatcher by DreamCatcherMan

When was the last time you wore a feather?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Christmas Is Coming (In Four Months!!!)

Christmas is coming. As of this post, there are only 125 days left. (Check it out: Countdown to Christmas Clock.)

Which is a long time for most people. But if you're a maker, it's time to get cracking. There's not much time to get your Christmas presents made. And if you're short of ideas, there are plenty of patterns and tutorials that you can find to help you with your gift making endeavors.

First off, who doesn't need more Christmas ornaments? Okay, maybe you've got plenty, but when the finished product looks like this...

Lace Picot Beaded Ornament Pattern
Lace Picot Beaded Ornament Pattern by Arhyonel Designs

Or perhaps you want to try jewelry making. Here are a couple tutorials/patterns for some truly gorgeous pieces...

Tutorial for DIY Handcrafted Earrings by Laura Bracken Designs

Victorian Lace Beaded Earring Pattern by Nans Glam Supplies

Or perhaps you're a knitter/crocheter like me. Then you'll need something original to knit...

PDF Knit Jewelry Pattern Set by ohmay designs

Or crochet. (Didn't I say you needed to get kraken? Whoops, wrong cracking.)

CROCHET PATTERN PDF - Kraken Of The Sea Scoofie - Mythological Creature Hooded Scarf Couture
Kraken Of The Sea Scoofie by Pink Avenger!

Perhaps you're a sewer. What would be cuter than a mythological creature on your wall?

DIY Felt Unicorn Head, Plush Sewing Pattern PDF Digital Download
DIY Felt Unicorn Head by A. I. Creatures

Or I'm sure you could find some kiddos who would love this vintage pattern...

Giant Caterpillar Toy Pillow - Sewing - Vintage Pattern
Giant Caterpillar Toy Pillow by Avril Joy

Didn't find something here that works for you? There are many more patterns and tutorials at DIY Patterns on the team pages...

DIY Patterns curated by California Crafters Club Of Etsy - CCCOE on Etsy

Including a little knit pattern for your electronic tablet or ereader...

Tablet Buddy Knitting Pattern
Tablet Buddy Knitting Pattern me.

Have you started your Christmas making yet? Or do you buy all your presents?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Craft Fairs for Beginners

Yes, it's only August, but you may have noticed certain decorations in your favorite craft store. It's time to start thinking about the holidays. (And no, this is not too early for us. It's too early for stores to put out their Christmas stuff, but not for us makers to start making it.)

ohmay's Holiday Table

And the holidays bring out the craft fairs.

Craft fairs are a great way to get out into your local community and show off your wares. Online we're beholden to the search. Is someone searching for just what you make? But at a craft fair, you get people stumbling upon you. Perhaps they'll discover that you have just what they never knew they needed.

Allie's Adornments (currently on vacation)

But where do you begin?

Many sellers on our team have done craft fairs, and they're a great source of advice. I think the hardest part is just getting started.

Getting started includes research. This is the fun part. A great way to do research is to attend any local craft fair you can find.

Show up. Take a look around. See how various sellers set up their booths. Do a little shopping.

Talk to the sellers.

cserpent designs

There are many places that hold craft fairs. Schools. Churches. Community centers. There are even some people who hold home boutiques. The only way you're going to get a sense of where you'd fit in is to take a look at a bunch of these.

If you find a fair that you think would be a good fit, ask around and find out who runs the thing. That person is usually on site. Most of the sellers should know who he/she is and can point him/her out for you. Even if the event is a once-a-year thing, you can get on the mailing list for the next year.

Know of any good craft fairs? Do you have any advice for someone who has never sold at one?

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Dog Days of Summer

While trying to come up with a theme for this week's post, I Googled "dog days of summer". From Fact Monster, I got this answer:
Dog Days is the name for the most sultry period of summer, from about July 3 to Aug. 11. Named in early times by observers in countries bordering the Mediterranean, the period was reckoned as extending from 20 days before to 20 days after the conjunction of Sirius (the dog star) and the sun.
Which means they're just about over. So, to celebrate their end, I asked for dog-themed items from the team. (If you wish to be featured in one of these posts, keep an eye out for my announcements on the team message board.)

1800s BUTTON necklace, Victorian DOGS on sterling silver, OOAK one of a kind jewellery.
Victorian DOGS on sterling silver by Allie's Adornments

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Brooch Set, Handmade Dog Scrabble Tile Art Brooch, Wood Brooch, Pin, Scarf Pin, Tiny Jewelry, Dog Lover Gift
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Brooch Set by Indy & Cleo

Paw Print Pendant with Two Pet Name Charms- in sterling silver for Dog or Cat Lovers, in memory of
Paw Print Pendant by Vision Quest

Dog Bone Love My Dog Squiggle Bookmark
Love My Dog Squiggle Bookmark by cserpent designs

Ceramic Mug - For the Sick Puppy in you Life
Ceramic Mug by Maid of Clay

Set of 3 Dog Potholders, Dog Mug Rugs, Dog Coasters, Tan, Rust, Basset Hound, Beagle, Bloodhound,
Set of 3 Dog Potholders by annie k designs

Purple Pug Wallet (with ID window and change pocket)
Purple Pug Wallet by Emo Seal Creations

Designer Chihuahua dog bamboo knitting needles FR3E US SHIPPING single point SP needle or any breed you love custom made to order any size
Designer Chihuahua dog bamboo knitting needles by Designs by Tami

Handmade Knit Wrist Cuff Wallet / Cozy / Case (for MP3, iPods, etc.) Choice of Copper or Cody
Handmade Knit Wrist Cuff by ohmay

Dachshund print reversible A-Line/jumper/girl dress- Modern orange and  Wiener dog print toddler dress. Birthday  dress for toddler.
Modern orange and Wiener dog print toddler dress by 100 Acre Co

Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Birthday

In honor of my birthday (yep, it's today), I thought I'd see what birthday sorts of things I could find from the team. Obviously, just about anything you can find will make an amazing birthday present depending upon the recipient, but I was looking for birthday-specific items.

What is more birthday-centric than the birthday party invite? There are several out there, although most seem to be for the kiddos. But there are a few invites for parties for those over the age of 21...

Milestone Birthday Invitation for Adults or Teens -- 5x7 Digital File -- Print It Yourself
Milestone Birthday Invitation by bear river photo greetings

And what's a party without a birthday banner...?

Luau Birthday Banner Instant Download
Luau Birthday Banner by M2M Party Designs

If you're throwing the party, you'll want to give out party favors, right? Or these would make great wrapping...

Favor/Candy/Gift Boxes in Bright Topical Colored Prints
Favor/Candy/Gift Boxes by Handy Grams

Sure, these personalized plates are for kids. But I can think of some young-at-heart types that would enjoy this still...

Child Custom Birthday Plate - Ice Cream Cone Illustration - Always room for dessert - Pink, Blue, or Green
Child Custom Birthday Plate by Little Smarty Pantz

While birthday gifts can be just about anything, here's something specific to a birthday. The constellation that your zodiac sign is based on...

Birthday Gift Zodiac Constellation Necklace Personalized Silver Charm with Blue Turquoise Gemstone Jewelry Gift
Zodiac Constellation Necklace by PinKixx

And, of course, the usual birthday card standby, but with a handmade twist...

SALE Fresh Garden Blooms - Birthday Card
Fresh Garden Blooms - Birthday Card by Pretty Petals Paper Shop

And because sometimes we forget, the belated card...

Snail with Birthday Gift (Happy Belated Birthday) 4-Bar Folded Card
Snail with Birthday Gift by Rat Dog Ink

Happy birthday to me. When's your birthday? (Just dates are fine. No need to include years unless you'd like to ;) )

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Core

In an effort to include more team shops on the blog, I find I've neglected some of the shops that form the core of the team. These are the leaders of our team as well as a couple team members who have consistently participated in the team for a good long time.

Let's reacquaint ourselves with them...

If you're looking for cards, there is one place to go...

Choose happiness card handmade stamped ribbon embellished inspirational feminine modern peach aqua white stationery greeting home and living
Choose Happiness Card by QuirkynBerkeleyCards

And for all your wedding invitations, place settings, menus, et al...

Art Deco Invitation Wedding A6 Great Gatsby Retro Historical Custom Flat Bold Graphic twenties forties thirties Save the Date Available
Art Deco Invitation Wedding by ShannaMicheleDesigns

Bobbles By Carol has all sorts of amazing jewelry creations...

Unique Art Statement Clay Jewelry Set, Necklace and Earring Set, Aqua Green and Blue,Cruise Jewelry,Affordable Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry
Clay Jewelry Set by Bobbles By Carol

As does Nans Glam...

Cherry Jade Dangle Earrings, Raspberry Drop Earrings, Pink Earrings, Bridesmaid Gift
Cherry Jade Dangle Earrings by Nans Glam

And BellaBeadsOriginals...

Geode Druzy Pendant On Quartz And Chain Necklace, Gold Chain, Dusty Rose, Burgundy, Chunky, 24 Inches, Long Necklace
Geode Druzy Pendant On Quartz And Chain Necklace by BellaBeadsOriginals

Pouches as well as tree skirts for Christmas...

Pouch, Zippered,  Spirograph, Lingerie Bag, Cosmetic Bag, Makeup Bag, Circles, Black, White, Cotton,
Zippered, Spirograph, Lingerie Bag by annie k designs

And all sorts of stunning handpainted scarves...

Silk Scarf Hand Painted in Brown, Copper and Blue
Silk Scarf Hand Painted in Brown, Copper and Blue by Ocean Avenue Silks

Fun hats, scarves, and patterns...

Women Wool Whimiscal Cat Hat - Baby and Me Cat Hat
Cat Hat by ohmay
If you're a member of the team, make sure to join us on the chat thread monthly. We'd love to hear from you.