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Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Birthday

In honor of my birthday (yep, it's today), I thought I'd see what birthday sorts of things I could find from the team. Obviously, just about anything you can find will make an amazing birthday present depending upon the recipient, but I was looking for birthday-specific items.

What is more birthday-centric than the birthday party invite? There are several out there, although most seem to be for the kiddos. But there are a few invites for parties for those over the age of 21...

Milestone Birthday Invitation for Adults or Teens -- 5x7 Digital File -- Print It Yourself
Milestone Birthday Invitation by bear river photo greetings

And what's a party without a birthday banner...?

Luau Birthday Banner Instant Download
Luau Birthday Banner by M2M Party Designs

If you're throwing the party, you'll want to give out party favors, right? Or these would make great wrapping...

Favor/Candy/Gift Boxes in Bright Topical Colored Prints
Favor/Candy/Gift Boxes by Handy Grams

Sure, these personalized plates are for kids. But I can think of some young-at-heart types that would enjoy this still...

Child Custom Birthday Plate - Ice Cream Cone Illustration - Always room for dessert - Pink, Blue, or Green
Child Custom Birthday Plate by Little Smarty Pantz

While birthday gifts can be just about anything, here's something specific to a birthday. The constellation that your zodiac sign is based on...

Birthday Gift Zodiac Constellation Necklace Personalized Silver Charm with Blue Turquoise Gemstone Jewelry Gift
Zodiac Constellation Necklace by PinKixx

And, of course, the usual birthday card standby, but with a handmade twist...

SALE Fresh Garden Blooms - Birthday Card
Fresh Garden Blooms - Birthday Card by Pretty Petals Paper Shop

And because sometimes we forget, the belated card...

Snail with Birthday Gift (Happy Belated Birthday) 4-Bar Folded Card
Snail with Birthday Gift by Rat Dog Ink

Happy birthday to me. When's your birthday? (Just dates are fine. No need to include years unless you'd like to ;) )

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Core

In an effort to include more team shops on the blog, I find I've neglected some of the shops that form the core of the team. These are the leaders of our team as well as a couple team members who have consistently participated in the team for a good long time.

Let's reacquaint ourselves with them...

If you're looking for cards, there is one place to go...

Choose happiness card handmade stamped ribbon embellished inspirational feminine modern peach aqua white stationery greeting home and living
Choose Happiness Card by QuirkynBerkeleyCards

And for all your wedding invitations, place settings, menus, et al...

Art Deco Invitation Wedding A6 Great Gatsby Retro Historical Custom Flat Bold Graphic twenties forties thirties Save the Date Available
Art Deco Invitation Wedding by ShannaMicheleDesigns

Bobbles By Carol has all sorts of amazing jewelry creations...

Unique Art Statement Clay Jewelry Set, Necklace and Earring Set, Aqua Green and Blue,Cruise Jewelry,Affordable Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry
Clay Jewelry Set by Bobbles By Carol

As does Nans Glam...

Cherry Jade Dangle Earrings, Raspberry Drop Earrings, Pink Earrings, Bridesmaid Gift
Cherry Jade Dangle Earrings by Nans Glam

And BellaBeadsOriginals...

Geode Druzy Pendant On Quartz And Chain Necklace, Gold Chain, Dusty Rose, Burgundy, Chunky, 24 Inches, Long Necklace
Geode Druzy Pendant On Quartz And Chain Necklace by BellaBeadsOriginals

Pouches as well as tree skirts for Christmas...

Pouch, Zippered,  Spirograph, Lingerie Bag, Cosmetic Bag, Makeup Bag, Circles, Black, White, Cotton,
Zippered, Spirograph, Lingerie Bag by annie k designs

And all sorts of stunning handpainted scarves...

Silk Scarf Hand Painted in Brown, Copper and Blue
Silk Scarf Hand Painted in Brown, Copper and Blue by Ocean Avenue Silks

Fun hats, scarves, and patterns...

Women Wool Whimiscal Cat Hat - Baby and Me Cat Hat
Cat Hat by ohmay
If you're a member of the team, make sure to join us on the chat thread monthly. We'd love to hear from you.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Red, White, and Blue

Independence Day is right around the corner. Time to check in with the team and see what this holiday reminds them of...

Sparkles-a-lot 2 says:
4th of July reminds me of all of the good times I have had with my family. Usually involving BBQ's, fireworks, picnics at the beach or the river, and LOTS of good food!
Patriotic Red, White and Blue Seed Bead Drop, Dangle Earrings with Glass Beads On Fringe for the 4th of July, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day
Dangle Earrings with Glass Beads On Fringe for the 4th of July

The Baby Handprint Co. says:
Going down to the beach strand on my bike and riding along the strand watching all the different people dressed up and down rollerskating, skateboarding and walking as I stopped at different beach home get togethers until dark and watched the fireworks off the pier with all my friends.
Infant  hand and foot print 4th of July print  Mold included / Baby Gift / Personalized
Infant hand and foot print

From Bobbles By Carol:

Patriotic Beaded Hair Pins~ Patriotic Accessories~Red White Blue Silver Casual Rustic Hair Pins~For Women or Teens~ Handmade
Patriotic Beaded Hair Pins

"the Big Four", the four women went to nursing school together and after we were married with children we had a bar-b-que and would play softball. Who ever was pregnant was the umpire. As the children got older, they played too.
Pot Holder/Hot Pad Set, Red, White & Blue Star, Handmade
Pot Holder/Hot Pad Set

What's your favorite 4th of July memory?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Optimizing Searches

How do shoppers find your unique handcrafted goods?

Unless they're already familiar with you or your shop, they find you through a search. And you want to be found by people shopping in your specific niche. Which is where SEO comes in.

SEO. Search Engine Optimization.

Tags and keywords are vital. And what's being searched for continuously changes. So, to keep up, you should periodically tweak your tags.

Which tags will work? How does one research that?

Well, I found a new tool. It's called Marmalead. And Handmadeology made a little video to help explain the website...

I played around with it a bit, and I learned that "knitted barefoot sandals" are getting a lot of hits. Time to go and update that particular listing...  

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What's New?

There's a team thread with all the new items each of our shops has up for sale. Here are a few from May...

I just love this. She has so many great headwear items...

Feather hair comb, bridal hair comb, feather extension, feather clip, hippie hair, boho headband, boho accessory, extensions long, hair comb
Feather hair comb by Enchanted Headwear

I love the way the colors pool in this. Getting this effect is harder than it looks. (I should know, I'm a knitter as well.)

Pastel Rainbow Girl's or Woman's Hat
Pastel Rainbow Girl's or Woman's Hat by Susan Deanne

A little something different for your wall...

Faux Silver Foil Art Print Thumbprint Hipster Decor Modern Art Pop Art Minimalist Finger Print Art Living Room Art Home Decor Gift for Him
Faux Silver Foil Art Print Thumbprint by Coco & James Home Decor

I think these are the cutest things (and won't scare your kiddo. At all)...

Baby Crib Mobile, Baby Mobile - Alligator Mobile, Baby Crocodile, Safari Swamp with Circles theme,Custom Mobile
Alligator Mobile by hingmade

I love earrings, and these are really cute...

Peacock Blue Spike and seed bead earrings, blue earrings, blue sea glass earrings, sea glass earrings
Peacock Blue Spike and seed bead earrings by Micheladas Musings

And orange, my signature color...

Handwoven, Handmade, Adjustable, Seed Bead Gemstone Five-Strand Necklace with Swarovski Crystals, Coral, Magnesite, Carnelian, Agate Pendant
Five-Strand Necklace with Swarovski Crystals by Sparkles-a-lot 2

This just made me laugh...

Sock Monkey Toilet Tissue Cover
Sock Monkey Toilet Tissue Cover by Sock Monkey Village

And it's just about summer out there...

Red white blue white stripe dish towel red batik white polka dots flip flops
Flip Flops Dish Towel by Leah's Heart

And you can find many other great new items over in the Show Your Handmade Creations thread.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Days of Summer

Memorial Day Weekend. The unofficial start of summer. So, what better way to celebrate our three-day weekend and lazy, warm days ahead than to ask our team members about their favorite summer memories...

annie k designs says:
The two-week family vacation. Most families flew but we drove. We live in such a great country and I am lucky to have seen a great deal of it! North Dakota to Texas; Nebraska to North Carolina, Washington DC. I think those vacations fed my wanderlust.  
When going on vacation, you need a travel laundry bag.
Turquoise Hibiscus Travel Laundry Bag, Tropical Vacation Bag, Whatever Zippered Bag, Ready to Ship, Handmade by AnnieKDesigns
Turquoise Hibiscus Travel Laundry Bag

ohmay says:
summer, sun and fun....aloha...
Instant Download PDF Knit Flower Pattern - Hibiscus
Instant Download PDF Knit Flower Pattern - Hibiscus

Nans Glam says:
When I was young my parents would take me to the tide pools along the California coastline. I would see so many wonderful sea creatures including one of my favorites; abalones. I loved how the shells mimicked the ocean's colors and waves.
Abalone Statement Necklace, Multi Strand, Ribbon Necklace, Summer Necklace, OOAK
Abalone Statement Necklace

Bobbles By Carol says:
I have many memories of family BBQ's in back yards playing croquet. Trips to the beach, which many were spent at the bay, that way our parents could let us 5 girls go in the water without the waves... Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents too...
Patriotic Bracelet, Polymer Clay Bracelet, Red White and Blue Beaded Bracelet, Handmade, Polymer Clay Jewelry, Patriotic Jewelry
Patriotic Bracelet

The Crafty Nana says:
Playing baseball in the street in the evening and the address numbers on the sidewalk were our bases...
Sun Hat, Red, White, and Blue, Toddler, Handmade
Sun Hat

And I (Zizi Rho Designs) say:
As a kid, I loved summers as that's when I could raid the library, check out 30 books, and just sit and read. And read. And read.
Knitted Beach or Pool Sandals (for Bare Feet)
Knitted Beach or Pool Sandals (for Bare Feet)
What are you looking forward to this summer?